Students’ Favorite Bell Songs of the Year and Some Suggestions For the Future


Arianna Pardue

A picture of a bell within the school

For the last minute of the passing periods we always have a song play over the intercom. They usually change the song every six weeks to a school appropriate song that lets the students know that they have 1 minute left to get to class before they are counted as tardy.

A lot of students think that some of the songs are very annoying seeing as we have to listen to them eight times a day for six weeks.

“The most annoying song to me was “Sweet Caroline” because people were constantly screaming the ‘DUN DUN DUN’ part and I couldn’t stand it,” senior Michelle Parkison said.

On the other hand, a lot of people like listening to the songs because it puts them in a good mood and kind of brightens up their day.

“My favorite song was definitely the Hannah Montana song because I loved that show growing up and it always made me sing along whenever I heard it,” junior Summer Finney said.

We put a poll up on our Instagram account to try to see what suggestions people had for the bell songs in the future and to see what the students want to hear.

The Seinfeld theme, Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley, Bummerland, and the King of the Hill theme song, were all songs suggested by AHS students on the Instagram post.

In the future students would like to hear songs that they suggest and for shorter amounts of time so it doesn’t get as overused.

“I love the fact that the school plays bell songs because it’s a fun thing they do. I just wish they would play more recent songs because I don’t know half the songs they play,” junior Garrisyn Christian said.

The school has been doing bell songs since 2018 once Mr. Cobb became principal and it has stuck ever since. I love that we have bell songs and I hope to continue to have them in the next school year!