Student Opinion: Boys Expressing Their Femininity


Daytona Gravlin

Kevin Gentery, Sophomore ( left) Aydan Hyrup, Sophomore ( right)

The dress code tells students what they can and can’t wear, what color to have their hair and even what type of piercings they can or can’t have. Sometimes guys want to bring out their feminine side, but the school rules deny that.
Sophomore Kevin Gentry wore a skirt over his clothes to school and almost got dress coded because a teacher said “it was distracting for a boy to wear that.”

“Yes. I think it is very fine for guys to express their feminine side,” Kevin said.

He was wearing a flowy, white skirt with some pink shorts showing underneath.

“I think that some teachers aren’t okay with the whole ‘guy wearing skirts’ thing because they are old and can’t process things,” Kevin said.
Kevin was in Coach Lisa Helms class while he was wearing the skirt.

“I just fully back what the school policy is, and I leave personal opinions out of things,” Helm said. “If the students have any comments, questions, or concerns then we can handle it the appropriate way.”

Coach Helm said that Kevin walked into class and started twirling around trying to get everyone’s attention. At that time, she did have to ask him to take it off before he got dress-coded because it was drawing too much attention.

Kevin said that he walked into class and everyone started laughing at him.

“I didn’t even try to draw attention,” Kevin said. “If I was a teacher and some guy walked in with a skirt, I would be a little bit shocked, but I would just carry on with the day,” sophomore Aydan Hyrup said.

Hyrup also wore one of the skirts.

“I kind of think that the school is sexist,” Hyrup said.

He also thinks that girls and boys should be able to express themselves without the teacher being uncomfortable with it and let it be.
Students should be able to express themselves, whether it means sweatpants or even in a skirt. It shouldn’t be a distraction just because the teacher is uncomfortable with it. People don’t want attention anyways, they wear it because they feel confident and look good in it.