Welcoming Mrs. Foster to AZLE ISD


Danay Cortez

Mrs. Foster in her classroom.

Nela Foster is a new English teacher for 10th and 11th graders. She has been teaching for 18 years, coming from Weatherford 9th grade center and H.F Stevens Middle School. Ever since she was young, Mrs. Foster wanted to become a teacher and prepare her students to graduate.

“I’ve played being a teacher when I was younger,” Mrs. Foster said. “So it’s always been my passion and what I’ll eventually end up doing, with having kids of my own I wanted them to have a good education and know what’s going on too.”

After asking about her craziest year of teaching, Mrs. Foster reminisced about her interesting year working for Crowley. In 2016, she became the teacher editor for the school yearbook, leading the talent show, and taking her students on the Washington trip all in one year.

“During that summer I took the students on the Washington trip,” Foster said. I didn’t realize until later I packed too many things during that year.”

Since she wanted to become a teacher at Azle, Mrs. Foster eventually moved town and applied in August. She eventually got hired even with having trouble with late August applications. Mrs. Foster loves a small town community, which is what led her to teach at AHS.

“When we moved here, it was August, therefore I had trouble teaching during that month, but eventually my application was approved.” Foster said. “I love this small community.”