Love on Tour Experience


Emporess Whitfield

Harry Styles is seen performing at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Harry Styles is the singer, songwriter, and actor that we have all come to know and love. This pop star’s musical debut began on The X Factor in 2010, which then led him to become part of the world’s favorite boy band, One Direction. Since the breakup of the band, Styles has only gone up, producing two albums of his own and going on various tours.

Styles´ newest album entitled Fine Line was released on December 13th, 2019. The tour for Fine Line, named Love on Tour, was scheduled to begin in 2020 but due to COVID it was pushed back another year. After waiting for what felt like forever, I got the opportunity of a lifetime to see the one and only Harry Styles live in Dallas on September 11th.

The concert began at 8 pm, so my friend Natalie and I arrived at the American Airlines Center at around 6. The general admission line was full of people in unbelievable outfits, such as feather boas, platform heels, and sparkly suits. Styles is known for his fashion sense, so of course, his fan’s outfits did not disappoint.

For the concert, proof of a negative COVID test or a full vaccination was required, so when we reached the front of the line we showed our proof as well as our tickets. Then we were in. We found our seats easily and sat, where the opening artist, Jenny Lewis began to perform. We had never heard of her before, but from the first song, I was hooked.

Lewis’s stage presence was amazing, as she danced around the stage in a pink and blue jumpsuit with frilly accents. She made the entire audience feel exhilarated. My favorite song she performed was Head Underwater, which immediately made its way to many of my Spotify playlists after I heard it.

After Lewis performed, Styles made his way on stage. It was almost overwhelming to see our idol right in front of our eyes, but he made the crowd feel welcome and loved by introducing himself and being very genuine. He began the show with his song Golden, which made everyone feel electrified and ready for the night to come.

Styles also performed many other songs, such as Lights Up, Canyon Moon, and even What Makes You Beautiful from his One Direction days. Everyone danced and sang throughout the whole show, having the time of their lives. He also interacted with the crowd, even singing Happy Birthday to several fans and picking up the accessories they threw at him to wear.

The final performance was Fine Line, a slow, somber ballad. The song sent the audience into tears, including me. I have been to several concerts before, but I have never felt as connected with a crowd as I did here. It was a phenomenal experience, and as Styles told the crowd “We’ll be alright.” It made it feel as if everything we had been through in the past year was worth it to get to this moment.
He came back to perform a few extra songs, including Watermelon Sugar, Sign of the Times, and Kiwi. It was a perfect end to a perfect night. Overall, Love on Tour was the most memorable and incredible experience I have ever been a part of. I wouldn’t trade the night I had for the world, and I am unbelievably grateful that I was given this opportunity to see Harry Styles perform.