Mullet Madness

They’re back, but should they be?


Melani Rushing

Tommy Evans

Mullets. They were the hot hairstyle in the 70s to early 80s. It’s 2021. Now is the time to find a new, hot hairstyle. Now, don’t get me wrong, honestly, a mullet can look very attractive sometimes, but usually it’s a no from me.

“I think that mullets can be attractive, on the right person,” sophomore Morgan Terrell said. “Like they have to have the right type of hair and it has to be nice, they have to take care of it, it can’t just look all crusty.”

I couldn’t agree more with Morgan’s statement. The better taken care of the hair is, obviously the better it will look. On that note, there’s the permed mullet.

“No, don’t perm it. If you gotta perm your hair then get a different hairstyle.” Morgan said. In her personal opinion, a mullet looks ok with curly or wavy hair but only if it’s all natural.

“I think it’s gross and that it makes men look trashy and like pretend yeehaws when they’re not really yeehaws.” sophomore Vielka Gonzalez said.

She agreed with Morgan’s comment that a mullet can look acceptable on the right people, and in her eyes, country boys are not the right people.

“I got [a mullet] cause at the time I was just hanging around and doing stupid stuff all the time,” senior Tommy Evans, one of the countless boys at the school that has a mullet, said. “I thought this haircut just fit what I was doing right then. Mullet’s are really in your face type of thing and I’m a really in your face type of person.”

Taking into account the opinions of myself and other students, there is not, and never will be just one viewpoint of a mullet. Some love mullets, some hate mullets, and every opinion is valid. At the end of the day, it’s your hair and you’re in high school so do whatever you want with it, as long as it’s in dress code.