Introducing Ms. Fallon to Azle

Johnston Fallon

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From teaching students English to planning three weddings, Fallon Johnson continues to work hard here at Azle. Three years of teaching from starting off with special education, now her new teaching life is English with Mrs. Hickman.

“Now I like teaching general education a lot more, and I find it a lot more fun to teach.” Fallon said.

Ms. Fallon’s enjoyment for teaching English started in high school, she then taught at Huntsville High School

“I liked English when I was in school,” Fallon said. “I like Azle a lot more than my other school.”

Ms. Fallon works with Mrs. Hickman co-teaching English.

“Mrs. Hickman, we get along really well and I think we are a good team and it’s nice to have a teacher to bounce ideas off.” Fallon said.

Students enjoy being in her class due to her interactive teaching style.

“She is really good at what she does, she has a great personality, she is appealing to the students and she laughs along with us and she is really good at teaching ways that we get it,” sophomore Kayden Back said. “ When Mrs. Hickman was gone she really stepped up and she was a very good filler for her.”