Introducing Mr. Mullens to Azle


Reese Hughes

Mr. Mullens outside his classroom

Nine years of teaching. Six different schools. English and English as a Second Language 1, 2 and 3. Moving closer to home and shooting for better teaching opportunities. English 1 teacher Ross Mullens is making himself at home at Azle.

Getting inspiration is a way to begin things, while some have a natural talent and don’t realize until someone brings that to the surface. That’s how it happened for Mullens.

“I had one high school English teacher,” Mullens said. “She was my 11th grade English teacher and that’s when I became interested in writing. And that eventually led me to want to teach writing and become an English teacher.”

Mullens has been teaching for many years and has taught several different divisions of English.

“I like teaching writing and so connect that with English 1, 2, 3 and 4,” Mullens said. “And it’s just that kind of natural connection for me.”

Mr. Mullens takes something from every new experience.

“I think every teaching experience has led me to find out ways to do better,” Mullens said. “And connect better with students and to adjust content.”

Going through different experiences is the best way to learn, Mr. Mullins learned from his first few years of teaching.

“My first two years of teaching, I taught at an alternative school with students with behavioral issues,” Mullins said. “So that was a great teaching job that taught me classroom management and organization.”

Adjusting and adapting is good for all teachers each year as they grow and learn alongside their students.

“I look at [my teaching experience] and see that this is what has worked in the past,” Mullens said. “This is what I need to adjust to become better and I bring that into every year that I teach.”