OPINION: The Case Against Vaccines


courtesy of pexels.co

COVID-19 the disease caused by the coronavirus that has continued to impact lives since the beginning of 2020. A COVID vaccine was released, and deciding to go get it is a personal choice. Here are some reasons that research shows to explain why not to get the vaccine.

First, Vaccines take about 10 years of testing before they are considered safe to perform trail runs. With emergency approval by the FDA; There was little testing done before going straight to testing.

“Another concern is the ingredients of the COVID shot. These ingredients are in all the COVID vaccines. One of the ingredients called Tromethamine ride, is commonly used to break down acid in the kidneys. Another ingredient is Trisodium citrate dihydrate which is in the Pfizer shot, and is often used as a food preservative. They list that they have no preservatives in any of the shots, but that appears to not be the case.

“The European Union also reported 330,218 injuries due to the vaccine in April of 2021.” One of many common reactions being rashes and Anfiaxish shock as well as others. These injuries were reported in April of this year when everyone from ages 16 and up could get the COVID vaccine.

One study from Israel found that natural immunity was far stronger than people who had taken the Pfizer vaccine. The researchers studied 2.5 million charts of patients from one of their largest healthcare systems to find this information. Their study also found that fully vaccinated people were more at risk to get COVID-19 related hospitalizations.

Getting the COVID shot is a personal choice for everyone to make. However research shows the reasons not to get the COVID shot. I encourage everyone to do their own research and form their own opinions about the COVID vaccine.