Welcoming Barret Ball Back to Azle ISD


Danay Cortez

Coach Ball standing outside of his classroom.

After teaching at Peaster ISD for a couple of years, Barret Ball decided to come back to Azle High School. This year, Coach Ball teaches on-level World History and World Geography for 9th and 10th graders and has been teaching for a total of sixteen years, this is his eleventh year teaching students and athletes at Azle.

Coach Ball unexpectedly graduated from AHS in 1999, born and raised in Azle. As someone who appreciated sports growing up, he decided to coach and be a full-time teacher.

“I’ve always loved athletics growing up,” Coach Ball said. “When I was coming to AHS as a student, I definitely wanted to be involved in sports and teach kids about history.”

From having a rough time last year due to virtual learning, Coach Ball hopes to get all his students back on track, and strives to remotivate his students in the classroom.

“One of my accomplishments for this year is getting everyone back on track,” Coach Ball said. “The pandemic definitely hit everyone hard, switching from in-person learning to virtual learning and google meets. I hope to see many students this year recover from the rough patch last year and have a good year.”

While going to AHS as a student, Ball had many role models influencing his change in growth.

“My old teachers and coaches I had growing up were the reason why I went into the teaching career path, after I graduated from Texas Tech University I migrated from what they did,” Ball said. “They were definitely my role models and gave me the courage in becoming a teacher.”