If You Liked ‘Squid Game’, Here Are a Few More K-Drama’s You May Like.


Wikimedia Commons

Actor Song Kang, who played as Cha Hyun-Soo in Sweet Home.

K-dramas, or Korean dramas, have been on the rise, especially after Squid Game released and charted as the #1 series on Netflix. These series are enticing, the plots range from end-of-the-world to bittersweet romance, and they’re difficult to pause once they’re started. There are plenty of outstanding series that can be found on Netflix, and here are my top 3.

Sweet Home
Sweet Home is a webtoon turned series where residents of an apartment building get trapped together as the world around them turns into an apocalyptic nightmare. They have to survive as their neighbors turn into ruthless monsters, and one character in particular, Cha Hyun-Soo, is the only one who can control his urges of becoming one of the deadliest monsters to roam the building. He becomes the only resident who can survive the attacks of other monsters while simultaneously being able to protect his neighbors. Throughout the series, he’s put to the test in a sequence of unfortunate events, including the death of his family in the beginning of the series, witnessing homicides, being used as a shield, and even being turned on by the people who accepted his monstrously human side. This series is astoundingly captivating, it incites several different emotions, and by the end, you want another season. My favorite aspect of Sweet Home is Hyun-Soo’s character development throughout the ten episodes, as he goes from a suicidal teen, to the fearless protagonist.

Hello, My Twenties!
Hello, My Twenties! is a two season series with twenty-six episodes. The drama focuses on five female college students who move into their shared dorm, the Belle Epoque. As complete strangers at first, they’re timid and untrusting of one another, but as the series goes on, they start to experience trauma together, while also uncovering one another’s darkest secrets. They bond through all of this, despite the turmoil that is initially caused by the uncovered secrets. There are also hints of romance throughout the series, and it’s a refreshing change of pace from the unsettling experiences that are scattered throughout the episodes. Overall, Hello, My Twenties! is one of those shows that keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s unpredictable, especially when the plot seems easy to predict. My favorite part is the concept of juggling all of this drama during college, with people who are initially strangers who are untrusting of every move their roommates make. The show is meant to portray the common worries that women carry in their twenties, and the show captured that essence extremely well.

Run On
Run On is a one season, sixteen episode series that focuses on romance and the hardships that come with it. Ki Seon-Gyeom is a trackstar, who prioritizes his juniors and doesn’t respond to disrespect very well. Oh Mi-Joo is a film translator who knows how to stand up for herself and doesn’t take nicely to disrespect. The two manage to cross paths, and a series of events ensues that has the two of them questioning whether or not there is love in the air. In addition to all the romance taking place, there are also a plethora of scenes that revolve around acceptance between family, friends, and even lovers. For me, that was an aspect that made me enjoy the series even more, as acceptance is something that a lot of people struggle with in real life. Aside from the theme of acceptance, the feel-good romance between Mi-Joo and Seon-Gyeom is a capturing thing, as the development between the two on an individual basis and together is truly outstanding. While watching this series, I couldn’t look away from the TV. Every episode of Run On was captivating.