Interact Collects Food for Thanksgiving Drive

Interact is sponsoring this year’s Thanksgiving food drive. The food drive has been going as long as the school has been open and has been supported by the Rotary club. The food drive ends on today.

“Interact is the Junior Rotarian Club and has been working with the Rotary Club to furnish Thanksgiving Meals long before the club got its start in the high school,” Interact sponsor Brenda Marlett said.

Interact plans on feeding at least 70 families with what is donated by all the classes participating.

“We have many teachers participating this year and with one more week to go it appears to be one of our best drives yet,” Marlett said.

The food drive even includes prizes as an incentive to bring food for the drive such as pizza, parties, and candy.

“At the end of each week, we will tally up the totals for each class and the winning class will get a weekly prize, ” junior Meagan Brady said. “The overall winners will be totaled at the end of the drive.”

The rotary club has decided to donate turkeys for each bag that the interact is able to make as well as dishes and more. Each bag will consist of canned food along with stuffing or other box foods to make Thanksgiving for the community.

“The Interact officers decided on food prizes/parties for the winning classes,” Marlett said. “Their ideas were presented to Mr. Cobb for his approval.”

Students should donate if possible to help the cause and the community. This allows families in the community to celebrate Thanksgiving.

“Interact is also known as junior Rotarians,” Brady said. “We partner with the local rotary club to provide Thanksgiving meals to the area families each year.”