Student Fan Pages are Popping Up Everywhere


Fan page for Maddie Bryant.

Over the past several weeks there have been fan pages created for students in the school. Some are weird ones about people’s feet, then one person, sophomore Katie Burlson, has over 8 fan pages.

“At first it started out as a joke, and I thought it was nice because it was my boyfriend and one of my very close friends who did it and I felt like people were getting mad at me for it,” Burlson said.

Out of all the pages Burlson has, she does seem to have some she enjoys the most.

“One of my favorite ones would have to be the @same_picture_of_katie_everyday or @katieburlsonisbae because they want to make tee shirts with my face on it,” Burlson said.

Another fan account spreading is Sophomore Caitlin Sanders fan page. The page consists of pictures of her feet at different events. The first post on her page was made on Sept. 9. The page is called @Caitlinfeetfanpage.

“My fan page is about my feet,” Sanders said. “I think it’s funny. It started as a joke and my friend made it and now I have 30 followers.”

Maddie Bryant’s fan page, called @NumberOneMaddieFanPage, was created Sept. 23.

“My favorite post is my birthday post,” Bryant said. “It was a picture of me with a doughnut in my mouth and a picture of me hugging [sophomore] Emily [Wilson] with a doughnut in my mouth, a picture of me hugging Emily trying to give her the doughnut in my mouth, a picture of [sophomore] Daytona [Gravlin] feeding me a doughnut while hugging Emily, and a picture of me biting that doughnut too.”

Overall, the fan pages are funny and each of them have very unique themes. As long as the fan pages stay positive and no hate pages are made, it would be all right.