Cheer Returns to Competitions After a Year Off


Cynthia Garcia

The Varsity Cheer team performing at their Showcase Show.

It was time for the first performance of finals. They announced “Please welcome the Azle Coed Cheer” and the crowd went crazy. The cheer team moved spritely and energetic towards the mat. Then they began to cheer their hearts out.

The Varsity Cheer team competed at the EJL Memorial Competition on November 6. The team placed 2nd overall.

“I think this year they are doing great and this is their first time to compete in two years so with that they are doing incredible and I am really proud of them,” Head cheer coach Haley Hopkins said.

Despite this being the team’s first year back to a normal season they are hoping to accomplish a big goal.

“Our main goal is to win state again and take back our title,” senior Varsity cheerleader Alyssa Alviar said.

Another important aspect of being on a cheer team isn’t just winning, it’s also about the important bonds that are created within.

“I love seeing the bonds that they have between each other,” Hopkins said. “At the competition this weekend we were all able to talk about the things that we learned and things that we can do better and hearing them uplift each other up was really awesome.”

Having fun is what makes being on a team amazing.

“Cheer is a way where we can always have fun,” senior Varsity cheerleader Lauren Collins said. “I think we are good at remembering that although we are gaining towards a goal we also know how to have fun.”

The Seniors are hoping to make this year an unforgettable experience.

“I hope that by the end of the season everyone will remember this year to be their favorite year,” senior co-captain Katy Conwell said. “I hope that the underclassmen and the juniors can look back and be like oh those seniors and captains were the ones on why this year was the best year.”

Edit: Congrats to the Varsity Cheer Team on placing 2nd place at their Regional Competition on November 13.