Dazzling Through My First Year


Arianna Pardue

Emma Boyer, (far left) Daytona Gravlin (middle) and Makayla Kearns (far right) on Hornet Night!

Being a part of the Emerald Dazzlers has been an experience that I’ll never forget. I have learned and grown so much in just my first year. It has shown me what real technique is and has opened my eyes to new opportunities I want to have in the future.

When I got to auditions I was more than nervous, especially to see the competition. I thought to myself that no matter what would happen, I would give 110%. My friends and I, who auditioned with me, went to eat and open our letters together. The letter said “Congratulations you have been selected for the 2021-2022 Emerald Dazzlers drill team!” That night was full of excitement, just thinking about how much fun I’ll have with everyone during the season.

We had practice over the summer learning the dances, getting our stuff, and getting to know each other. I felt as if we were one big family. The girls that I got to know are the sweetest people ever and I am so grateful I have met some amazing, true friends. In the beginning of the year when I was learning the dances, I thought that I wouldn’t remember any of the steps and not be as good as the other girls. I then put my doubts aside and I started working harder and harder everyday. I have progressed so much already. My captains, lieutenants, and of course my director, Mrs. Boyer, have helped me so much. I was a mess my first day, but all of us girls worked so hard with the dances, going over the small details and doing the dance over and again and again until we all got it.

My favorite part of Dazzlers was getting ready for game nights on Fridays or peppy passing period. Everyone would be in the locker room getting ready, singing and dancing, and getting pumped up. Talking with everyone and getting to know each other was one of the best parts. During passing periods we would all take pictures and talk with the band or the cheerleaders before the bell rang. We would all look around and laugh and jump up and down. I always love the rush of game days.

My favorite dance we have done so far is either our competition pom or our novelty. Our pom dance theme is from one of my favorite movies, Grease. The music has a mix of almost all the songs from the movie and has some voices from the characters added in there. The moves during the dance are so energetic and fun. The novelty is also based on a twisted fairy tale, Alice and Wonderland. The moves in this are abnormal with the sharp positions, the tilted head and the creepy music.

Sometimes we improvise moves across the floor. We listen to a song, one that can be upbeat or it can have a slow steady beat. I love coming up with different dance moves, especially when it goes well with the music. It also helps me by knowing that certain moves go with hip hop and some moves go with jazz.

Dazzlers has been an amazing experience that I will never forget. I will carry on the passion in my heart for dancing all throughout my life. Even though I will miss the seniors, I can not wait for another awesome year.