AVID WICOR Wonderland


Danay Cortez

The AVID WICOR poster is used for WICOR Wonderland.

Tomorrow, The AVID Program will be hosting their annual family night called “WICOR Wonderland.” This event is based on WICOR which are strategies that AVID students use to help students succeed in the class. WICOR stands for writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading.

AVID is an elective that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. This class offers many benefits to students, especially helping them prepare for college classes.

“The programs are for college-bound students that are in the middle, [we’re] looking for recruits 75-80 [grade] range average, and with a little bit of support from us, they could do really well for AP classes,” AVID teacher Sarah Milosh said.

AVID not only helps students prepare for college but it also helps students make lifelong friendships.

“Being in AVID is really fun because it is like having a family because you’ve been with these people since the beginning of high school and you go through a lot with these people,” junior Megan Brady said.

The WICOR Wonderland will offer many fun activities for the families while still evolving the strategy of WICOR.

“[Some of] the stations are for writing, families can sit together and make Christmas cards, we have puzzle stations and an ornament station, and do many more activities,” Milosh said.

WICOR Wonderland is just one of the many fun activities that AVID students are able to participate in.

“This year, we have done a few AVID events such as Trunk or Treat and been on college tours such as going on a tour at Tarleton, and we are planning to have more events,” junior Daisy Collazo said.

These events help bring students together and raise recognition for the AVID program.

“I really like these types of AVID events because not a lot of people know about AVID, but when do these events more people get to know about AVID and what it is,” Brady said.

Students interested in the AVID program should speak with Mrs. Milosh in room C10.