Student Opinions: New Years Resolutions

Preston Hennessy writing down his new year resolutions

Daytona Gravlin

Preston Hennessy writing down his new year resolutions

Ah, new year resolutions. Everyone has the opportunity to start over with the new year and make goals for themselves. Everyone has something they want to achieve, the question is, how can you achieve it and what are your steps to reach that goal?

“My new year’s resolutions are all about school since I’m going to be starting a new chapter in my life,” senior Trynity Hoskins said. “I am going to stick to my resolutions because I am going to push through even though it’s going to be hard, I can do it.”

Freshman Liz Robinson said that she never thought about making new year’s resolutions.

“Since it is a new year, new me, I am trying to get A’s in all my classes and succeed more in drill team,” Robinson said.

Sophomore Kayden Back has never had new year resolutions but if he had one it would be to having a stronger work ethic.

“When I hear the quote ‘New year, new me’ I think it’s a reason people give themselves to do better.” Back said.

Junior Kaleb Bradley said that he believes that people can stick to their resolutions as long as they put their mind to it.

“In the sense that you can change yourself for the better but some people are only all talk,” Bradley said.

I see New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to start over or make new memories and adjustments in your life. Since it is a new year, you can always try and change things or start new, better things. Try to make 2022 your year.