Graduating in the class of 2022

It felt like just yesterday that I was a scared little freshman starting high school, wishing for my senior year to come quickly. Now, I’m in my graduating year and I wish I hadn’t rushed so much. Knowing that I only have a few months left until I’m no longer a high school student, a few months left until my friends and I are inevitably separated, and the scariest idea of all, I only have a few months left until I move away from my parents. I’m in this vicious cycle of being excited and being terrified, this vicious cycle of wanting to be a kid again and wanting to be a responsible adult. I’m terrified of beginning a new life all on my own, but I know I have to be comfortable on my own as an adult. Being in the year 2022 means becoming the adult that I’ve always envisioned myself being as a young child.

There are days where I think about little Angel. Would she be proud of the girl I am today? As I’m nearing graduation and thinking about all of the accomplishments I’ve made throughout life up to this point, I can say that she would be proud of me. I’ve worked hard to get into the college I want to go to, I’ve earned myself a spot in National Honor Society, I get to be a PAL to little kids who need a friend in their life, and I’m an editor for the newspaper, something I take an immense amount of pride in. Thinking about the end of my senior year makes me a little dizzy because it’s such a blinding realization. This chapter of my life is coming to a permanent close and I’ll be able to begin the next chapter of my life. In this new chapter, I’ll be thinking of little Angel, who I want to make proud more than anyone else. I want to be the woman she dreamed of when she was nine or so, and even exceed her expectations. In the end when I’m walking the stage and desperately hoping that I don’t fall in front of all of my peers, I’ll tell her that we made it, and that aforementioned chapter will come to its end thanks to her, the one who encouraged me this entire time.

Before every single senior leaves and starts their new chapter, I want to say congratulations. You’ve made it this far and you’ve done it with flying colors. Our senior year caused a lot of stress and pain, but you powered through and you’ll walk that stage with your head high. I would also like to say thank you, because even though we still have a few months together, I grew up with a lot of you and you’ve made school something to remember. From me to you, I hope you succeed and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of doing. You deserve it.