Student Athletes Sign with Their Future Colleges on National Signing Day


Arianna Pardue

Alyssa Holland at her signing table

National Signing Day takes place on the first Tuesday every February, and for seniors, it is one of the most exciting moments of their high school careers. This marks the date when a high school senior athlete can sign a binding letter of intent and commit to a college with their sport.

Softball player Alyssa Holland said she is signing to The University of Arkansas Rich Mountains. She made her selection because their academics are high and their softball team is excellent.

“I am the most excited to see my teammates for the next two years and to continue my education in nursing!” Alyssa said.

Garrett Gouyton has decided that he will be taking his cheer spirit to The University of Oklahoma. If he had to give any advice to other athletes it would be to work hard.

“I have only been doing cheer for just over a year and half, and now look where I am,” Garrett said. “Put your mind to it, you can do it.”

Next year he is most excited to start his freshman year, meet a lot of new people, and participate in cheer camp in Mississippi.

Softball player Kalle Vasquez has signed with Arlington Baptist University. She said Coach Brad Overton, Coach Macy Pruitt and Coach Calvin Wright have helped her with a lot of things whether it’s personal, school or sports.

“I had an offer from Langston University and The University of Dallas, but the coach from ABU won me over by showing me around and getting to know me,” Kalle said. “I owe my success to my coaches one-hundred percent.”

Coach Overton said that he got very close with three of the students who signed, and to see the process of recruiting, the hours they put in, and to see them at the level they are at is what he lives for.

“The amount of pride I have for those kids when they do sign and they do sign, it’s almost like a parent to a kid,” Overton said.

After all their hard work whether it be softball, volleyball, cheerleading, football, track or any other sport, these athletes know it was all worth it in the end. Especially on a special day like National Signing Day.