The Invincible Comic book is Over, but Here’s Why You Should Read it

The Invincible Comic book is Over, but Heres Why You Should Read it

I could proudly say Invincible, an American comic book series, is definitely one of the best comic books I’ve read so far. With gruesome images, too many losses of loved ones, and offensive sayings, it’s impressive seeing incredible artists and writers coming together to complete a masterpiece comic book.

One of the many reasons the concluded series is so well made is because of the author of the series, Robert Kirkman. He’s well known for writing and producing the American post-apocalyptic TV and comic book series “The Walking Dead,” the five-issue limited series “Marvel Zombies” and so many impressive comic series for over his two decades in the comics industry. His creative work led him to partner up with Image Comics in July 2008, continuing his masterpiece Invincible, which began on January 22, 2003.

Over the years, you can clearly see the improvement in the writing throughout the entire series. The fast-paced introduction of Mark Grayson is perfectly narrating a teenage boy sitting in the bathroom reading a comic book, informing the readers he’s an average high school boy, with a father who is a Viltrumite leader. Kirkman perfectly detailed the struggles with balancing school activities, fixing complicated friendships with his close friends, and fighting aliens and villains in different universes all at once.

Co-creator and artist of the concluded series is Cory Walker, an American comic book artist. Famously known for co-creating and launching both Invincible and “Science Dog” with his partner in crime, Robert Kirkman. Aside from early work on Invincible, one of his latest releases was Skybound X on July 21, 2021, with beautiful details on the issue #3 cover.