FCCLA takes 1st place at State

Qualifies for Nationals during the summer


FCCLA stands for Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America and is a very community-based organization. FCCLA has regional, state, and national conferences where an event is chosen and presented to judges. Sophomores Kristina Birkeland and Skye Dickens chose to compete in the sustainability challenge.
“In the sustainability challenge, you have to incorporate practices into everyday life,” Birkeland said. “So we chose to do green cleaning with microfiber mops and chemical concentrates, and how you can implement those solutions into consumer and commercial uses.”
Birkeland and Dickens have put an immense amount of time aside in order to achieve 1st place at state.
“I’m really proud of them, they have done so much research and have worked so hard,” FCCLA sponsor Natasha Deramee. “These two have dedicated so much time to work on this, including coming up on the weekends for practices.”
FCCLA has brought people together to create a helping, caring, and memorable community.
“It’s a club that I get to participate in,” Dickens said. “Before, I was just a student who went to classes, but now I’m more involved with the community and community services. I hope that next year we can connect more together as a group and feel conjoined.”
FCCLA has helped so many students grow out of their shells and discover their new passions.
“I love seeing the kids grow and go from being so shy, not wanting to get up and make a presentation, to being a leader and accomplishing their goals,” Deramee said.