Indoor Winds Competes at the WGI Championships


Cynthia Garcia

The Indoor Winds during retreat on the jumbo tron.

The Indoor Winds competed at the WGI Championships in Dayton, Ohio on April 23-24. Prelims took place in the Nutter Center at Wright State University and finals took place in the UD Arena at the University of Dayton. The Winds gave it their all in both the prelims and finals performances and placed 2nd in the World Class category with a score of 94.375.

We arrived in Dayton on Friday, April 22 in the afternoon. The next day was prelims and we rehearsed for 2 hours at the Sinclair Community College. During this rehearsal we were working hard to fix the individuals and to clean the show. Once rehearsal was over we got ready for our prelims performance. After the prelims performance we all felt really good about it and we were excited and looking forward to our last performance ever.

Finals day started off as an early day. We did our last ever rehearsal at the Collins Gym at the University of Dayton. During this rehearsal we were putting the last few finishing touches on the show to make it perfect for finals. Once our 2 hour rehearsal ended we got ready for our last performance together. Once we got off of the floor after our finals performance we all felt emotional and happy at the same time because we all knew that we had given it our all. We were proud that our last run turned out the way we wanted it to.

After all of the wind groups had performed we were all lined up outside by wind classes. We all got to hangout and talk with people from different wind groups. We all had a great time bonding with other people. Then we all went inside for retreat and everyone from every winds group was on the floor. Once all the results were announced confetti cannons were shot and everyone celebrated. This was one of the greatest experiences ever.

This indoor season was very great and overall just fun. The wind’s hard work and dedication paid off and there were many memories and bonds made during the season that will last a lifetime.