Stranger Things 4 Coming Soon

Last season Stranger Things intro.

Daytona Gravlin

Last season Stranger Things intro.

The moment “Stranger Things” fans have been waiting for is finally here. “Stranger Things” season 4 now has a release date. SPOILERS FOR PREVIOUS SEASONS AHEAD! Is Hopper dead? Which main character is going to die? Does El lose her powers? This is said to be the darkest chapter of the series. Let’s talk about the trailer.

The trailer puts out information that has fans on the edge of their seats. The elements that caught my attention were Max floating on Billy’s grave, the grandfather clock in the new Creel House, El saying she doesn’t have her powers anymore, plus her being taken away leaving Mike. The new creature saying “there’s a storm coming” with Hawkins is right in the middle of it, and when Steve tells Nancey “See you on the other side.” I could talk for hours about this new season while so many fans have come up with so many different theories and conclusions.

The first theory I heard was that the new creature, whose name is Vecna, is Billy. In the last season Billy died so he could save El, but there have been many rumors that he is still stuck in the Upside-Down and the version of Billy that died was a clone. Next theory is that since El lost her powers, Max got them instead. You see her floating above Billy’s grave and in the school alone seeing the old grandfather clock in the wall. Fans are not quite sure how she would get powers but they are thrilled to see this new season. Lastly, the fans think that this season will be a ‘Time Travel Story’. The connection between Creel House, the clock, and the Upside-Down might be rooted in time travel.

Stranger Things fans have been waiting for 3 years for them to at least drop a teaser trailer. This season has 2 volumes instead of one whole season altogether. Volume 1, which includes episodes 1-5, comes out May 27 and Volume 2, which has episodes 6-9, comes out July 1. In addition to that, the Duffer brothers have confirmed that each episode will exceed 60 minutes. As we get excited for this new season, remember: friends don’t lie, don’t be a mouthbreather, and keep the door open three inches.