April Showers bring May Graduates

May is here and graduation is fast approaching for seniors such as myself. Like many seniors, my schedule has been nothing short of hectic. I have been frantically searching for scholarships, sorting out various college tasks, and preparing for graduation all while working and maintaining my social life. Oh, and I guess keeping up with schoolwork. Sometimes, it can feel like a lot to balance, but I know it’s almost over.

For me, “senioritis” hit early in the second semester. I became exhausted and bored with my schoolwork very quickly, so I am thankful that I am almost done with this school year. As I slack off on my schoolwork, I am designating my time to other things, like scholarships and financial aid because college is anything but cheap. Even with that, sometimes I struggle to stay focused, but I eventually get my assignments turned in.

After I graduate, I intend to go to Texas A&M and get a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and afterward go to law school and get my Juris Doctorate. The way it stands now, it looks like a lot of my friends and more students from AHS are going to A&M, but the campus is enormous, so I’ll probably never even see most of them. Either way, I’m really looking forward to moving out and having the independence that comes with college.

My senior year has been a blast. I’ve taken slightly easier classes as opposed to my other high school years which is always nice. My time as a rowdy was so much fun and I would absolutely do it again. I loved going to all of the football games to stand on the sideline and energize our student section. I wish we had been able to make a deep run in the playoffs, but nevertheless, I enjoyed every moment of it.

Without a doubt, I’m ready to move on from a few of my classes. I have entirely burned myself out of English, and after taking three consecutive years of chemistry and three years of algebra, I am ready to throw in the towel. I know that I’ll have to do some in college, but then I’ll have a gap and other things to focus on, I hope.

I’m certainly looking forward to my last summer before college. I know that I’ll have plenty of tasks to work on throughout the summer, but I still believe it’ll be enjoyable. My best friend that I’ve known for nearly twelve years is going to college in California, so I’m looking forward to spending time with him before we go our separate ways for a bit. All in all, I have really enjoyed my senior year, but I’m ready for the summer ahead as well as college.