The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Andrews


Hannah Johns

Mrs. Andrews

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to recognize Mrs. Holly Andrews for all the hard work she does for each of her students. Mrs. Andrews teaches Geometry and Honors Algebra 2. She is a kind and caring teacher who has helped many students. Mrs. Andrews is also the sponsor of AP Ambassadors, an association for students who are currently enrolled in Advanced Programs classes.

Mrs. Andrews dedicates her time to ensure her students understand the material. Mrs. Andrews has given so much of her time to teach, while also giving students a safe environment for raising hands and asking questions. Mrs. Andrews gives so many opportunities for students who might not understand topics as well, to strengthen and practice those skills. I personally have never felt embarrassed to ask questions in her class, not to mention she has always noted if I don’t understand a topic, then she would later ask me if I needed help.

Everything Mrs. Andrews has done, shows how much she cares for her students’ education, which I think is why I have managed to survive my sophomore year of high school and Algebra 2.