The Sting Recognizes: Coach Jones


Corey Hevel

Coach Jones at her desk.

For teacher appreciation week, I wanted to show my appreciation for the teacher that has helped me the most in my future career. That teacher is Coach Jones.

Other than being the women’s basketball coach and track coach, she is a CTE teacher that teaches Principles of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Accounting.

As someone who is going to college to be an accountant, her classes have been a great help toward pursuing my career. I’ve gotten certified in both Entrepreneurship and Quickbooks, an accounting software.

But more importantly, she is an amazing teacher. She always tries to not overload her students with work, while still preparing us for the certification tests. She is also constantly trying to improve the way she teaches the class, doing different things each year to see what her students respond better to. Because of this, she also is more than willing to extend due dates if it seems too much for the students than originally planned.

In her class, I really get the feeling that she cares about her students’ success. She doesn’t just give out assignments and grades, but tries to get her students to succeed. Coach Jones accomplished something I feel is very rare among teachers. In her class I feel completely prepared in a class that doesn’t feel stressful at all. Normally it’s a tradeoff, either you learn in the class and it’s a very stressful experience, or it’s easy and fun but you don’t learn anything.

Coach Jones accomplishes everything the perfect teacher should. I don’t think any other teacher could have prepared me for my future career as well as she has.