The Sting Recognizes: Mr. Strange


Cynthia Garcia

Mr.Strange the percussion director.

Michael Strange, the undeniable, certified, percussion teacher and player. He is a musical genius. I’ve never met a man who could passionately speak about music theory so much. I’ve seen talented musicians like Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel, Kanye West and none of them could be as hip with the kids as Michael Strange.

He’s young, and a genuinely passionate musician and teacher. He understands us and can relate. He isn’t some old cranky karen who expects perfection from his students but also knows his students can be great.

His work ethic and mindset is also admirable. Anyone is replaceable; it’s both realistic and truthful to the real world. You can be replaced no matter how good you are because anyone could be and can be better than you. This style of teaching is motivating and though it inspires you to keep moving forward, to keep practicing to be better.

That’s why I and many others appreciate Mr. Strange as a teacher and as a very talented percussionist.