The Sting Recognizes: Mrs. Shepherd

Mrs. Shepherd is the 2-D art teacher. There have been problems like having to take photos for VASE instead of going in person to show our artworks. While that was sudden, she adjusted and directed us on how and what to do for VASE. Then it was the college board locking everyone out after an update, but she found what we needed and solved all our problems. She has problem solved and tried to figure out what’s best for our success, even if that took time.

Teacher Appreciation Week is to celebrate and honor our teachers who have impacted our lives. Mrs. Shepherd had had to put up a lot when it came to me and my friends being loud and rowdy to us ranting about life. She allows us to be creative without limits and always encourages us to discover new mediums. She not only has tried to help us with our problems that accrue during the art process but she can solve or lead us in the right direction. As students, Mrs. Shepherd has allowed us to grow into better artists, and for that, I appreciate the experience that she has given us.