The Sting Recognizes: Officer Stutsman


Daytona Gravlin

Officer Stutsman at his desk.

This is my second year having a class with Officer Stutsman, and I have thoroughly enjoyed both of my classes with him. Last year I took Law Enforcement I and I’m currently in Law Enforcement II, and Mr. Stutsman has been one of my favorite teachers both years. He tries his best to make the material that we’re learning interesting, even whenever I’m sure it can be difficult to.

He has a very close relationship with many of his students, especially those that he’s had for multiple years. He seems to enjoy talking with us about our personal lives, something that can’t be said about all teachers I’ve had.

I’ve written one story about the club that he runs, Criminal Justice Club, and he was very helpful and informative. He has an immense amount of patience for his class, honestly probably too much patience. Sometimes we get loud in his class, and he’ll have to quiet us down every now and then.

Overall, Mr. Stutsman is one of my favorite teachers I’ve had in my short time at AHS, both from his patience and his friendly personality.