Mr. Driver Starts His First Year at Azle


Peytie Chambers

Mr. Driver shows his hornet pride in front of the Buzzy.

With a new principal this year, many new things are being put into place and are changing, however it is nice to get to know who the new principal is.

Mr. Nate Driver has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology from The University of North Texas and a Master’s in Educational Leadership from West Texas A&M. When Mr. Driver first started teaching and coaching, he began at Southlake ISD.

“Azle’s been in my sights for quite a few years,” Driver said. “I’ve had a short list of schools where I’ve wanted to work and Azle has always been at the top.”

The transition to a new school is not easy for anyone, even Principals can feel out of place in a new environment. Learning the landscape and how things will run on campus can be challenging, but Driver said he’s up for the challenge.

“Azle has great pride and great traditions,” Driver said. “I’m trying to access what we have here before we make drastic changes.”

Safety is the number one priority. Numerous safety measures and protocols have been put into place recently, including checking exterior doors at least once every day, having three armed officers on campus and not unlocking or allowing anyone indoors without proper procedure.

“IDs are one of many things for security,” Driver said. “We want to make sure everyone belongs here, and is meant to be on our campus.”

Azle has a lot of OnRamps classes, clubs and opportunities to offer and prepare students to take the next step after high school.

“There are a lot of opportunities for kids here to be involved.” Driver sad. “There is a lot of design for what we offer to kids to prepare them for the next level, whether that’s college, or a career, or going into the military.”

Mr. Diver wants to implement these valuable elements into his plan to further meet the needs of each student.

“I’m trying to think on a larger scale how we are going to impact students to reach their positions,” Driver said. “Every day when I wake up, I think about how we can move this school forward in a positive way and towards greatness.”