The Happiest Thing on Earth: Homecoming Week


Daytona Gravlin

ASL hall decorated as ‘Under the Sea’

For the past several years, the school has only celebrated homecoming with an annual football game and dress-up days, but this year there will also be a homecoming dance. This will be the first dance that has been hosted in 6 years, and our dreams came true with the theme of Disney. The dance will take place this Saturday in the Fine Arts Gym, from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

With homecoming this week, we had “Bikers vs surfers” to “Mickey vs Minnie” and now ‘Green Out,’ this year’s FNL dress up themes are here.

Other themes to look forward to this year include, Football Referee, Sept. 30, Pink Out, Oct. 14, and even Adam Sandler Day, Nov. 4.

“I really like Disney,” Student Council sponsor Chad Cooke said. “It is very diverse, so everyone can feel included. There’s a lot of cute dress up opportunities and I am really excited for the Campers vs Seniors one.”

Freshman Bryson Tittle said that she is most excited for the Minnie vs Mickey theme. She also added that she will be showing her school spirit and dressing up.

“If I had to come up with a theme it would be that different grades would have to wear a certain color and see who wins,” Tittle said.

Mr. Cooke said he is excited to continue with the student council and has plenty of ideas already for next year. He looks forward to hoco week and it is his favorite thing every year.

“I would really want to have ‘Friday Night Lights’ movie themes and definitely a circus theme soon, kind of like the ‘Greatest Showman’ movie,” Cooke said.

With Green Out day tomorrow and the last dress up day of the season being “Adam Sandler Day,” students say they are absolutely getting pumped up for this year’s themes and are very thrilled to see what’s in store for next year.