OPINION: Hallway Unspoken Rules should be followed

With the student population having risen to roughly 2,100 this school year, the hallways have been more congested than normal. From students stopping in the middle of the hallways to students walking on the wrong side, there are so many unspoken rules that need to be addressed.

Walking on the right side of the hallway is one of the many things people aren’t doing anymore. If you went to the junior highs, walking on the right has always been an enforced rule to avoid hallway traffic. It seems like common sense to just stay on the right side. Especially if you drive, you should know staying in your lane is important.

The stairways are another thing that need to be addressed. Stopping on the staircase causes a lot of traffic and congestion in the hall intersections. Students tend to stop in staircases because of the lack of cameras in those areas. There seems to be lots of students stopping to wait for someone or just abruptly stopping in the middle of the walkway. The lack of stairway cameras means it’s a prime PDA location, from making out and hugging to simply saying goodbyes. No matter what the reason is, they still cause major problems for students trying to get to class on time.

Congregating in the mall area and by the buzzy has become very popular with couples. Students stand and talk, and although socializing is great, so is getting to class on time. Many students stop to have their moment before class. These students stand in the way causing traffic jams. You’re not going to war, you’ll see them again in 45 minutes so let’s keep moving.

Whether it be the staircase or the hallways, there should always be a steady flow of traffic. Now that these issues have been brought to light maybe we can start to change the way it flows.