The Ups and Downs of The Swarm


Luke Petersen

Student Section posing for a picture at a game.

The student section is similar to a hype-man for the football team. No matter how the team is doing, the student section still brings positivity during and after the games. So far this year, a few predicaments have arisen during games involving the student section like throwing items, and inappropriate language.

The student section, also called “The Swarm,” are big supporters of not just football games but also other events the school hosts.

“The swarm attends many events outside of just football,” Principal Nate Driver said. “I think it shows the unity of our students and the culture that we are here to support each other.”

At the beginning of the year, the student section brought prohibited items to football games, including pans, hammers, confetti poppers, and other items.

“I met with leaders of the student section and leaders of the campus to discuss prohibited items after the first home game,” Driver said. “Since we have met with the students, they have not brought any prohibited items. Should someone bring a prohibited item, we would confiscate it and talk to the student who brought it.”

Another issue is students are getting hit and splashed by others in the student section because some students have been known to throw open water bottles.

“I don’t like when freshmen get full water bottles and chunk them down at us,” senior Austin Tong said. “It affects us bad, kids get hit in the head.”

Another inconvenience that happens at games is The Swarm and the opposing student section will shout disrespectful words and phrases at one another, booing each other’s teams, and other unsportsman-like acts.

“This is a big issue for me,” Driver said. “It’s only happened once this year, but we absolutely will not allow any foul language to be screamed or chanted.”

Hopefully, with Mr. Driver’s direction, the student section’s behavior will improve, while still maintaining the same level of excitement and support Hornet fans have come to expect over the years.

“The Swarm is great and I love their energy, but not showing sportsmanship would be an issue for me,” Driver said. “We can still show school spirit and be loud without being disrespectful.”