Boo! Halloween Pails are Back at McDonalds for Limited Time


Arianna Pardue

The McBoo pail from McDonalds.

The beloved Halloween pails are back at McDonald’s for a limited time. McDonald’s released the rumored Halloween pails on Oct. 18. starting with the McGhost, then the McGoblin and finally the McPunk’n. The buckets are available only while supplies last until Oct. 28. It is a joy to see the Boo Buckets back as there has been 36 years since the original release.

Halloween buckets changed in the early 2000s when McDonald’s collaborated with other companies to create the Mr. Potato Head and Charlie Brown as well as Monster High pails. The pails would come with a toy that matched the bucket. However, these didn’t have lids, they had a decorative handle. The pails were less popular than their predecessor, and the boo buckets disappeared altogether in 2016.

The new pails are the original characters but are different colors instead of all orange. They do not come with lids, but the handle has a lid look to them. They also include three different facial expressions for each character pail. The buckets will be released one at a time, starting with the McGhost, then McDonalds will either have the McGoblin or McPunk’n next. So, unfortunately, no one can collect them all simultaneously.

These pails bring a sense of nostalgia, and while high schoolers might be getting too old for trick or treating, the Boo Bucket can serve more purposes than just a Halloween pail, like as a planter or a vase. They can be used as a part of Halloween decorations or simply to hold knickknacks.

The pails will replace the happy meal box and toy. The choices for the happy meals are a hamburger or 4-piece or 6-piece nuggets with a side of fries or apple slices and a drink. The prices range from $2.49- 3.99, depending on the choice, and the pails can’t be sold separately.

The start of collectible Halloween pails started in 1986, with the original 3 McBoo, McPunk’n, and McGoblin. The trio was orange and resembled carved pumpkins with different faces. They came with lids, and the happy meal was inside, along with McNugget buddies in costume.

Through the years, Mcdonalds’ redesigned the iconic Halloween pails by switching the McGoblin to a McWitch in ‘89. The buckets were then colored, McBoo was white, McPunk’n the original orange color, and McWitch was green. Some years the pails were glow-in-the-dark, and others included cookie cutters in the lid as well as trick-or-treat bags with the characters on them.

The McBoo is the first bucket to release and the McGoblin and McPunk’n should follow later in the week. Good luck collecting yours!