The Way the Cookie Crumbls

An opinion on this week’s Crumbl Cookie flavors


Hanna Goodrich

A box of 10/23 weeks of Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl cookie blew up on TikTok for their crazy cookies and even crazier flavors. Every week Crumbl Cookie releases 5 new cookie flavors to try. The two consistent flavors are Milk Chocolate Chip and Pink Sugar.

This week the five new flavors are Peanut Butter Crisp, ft. Butterfinger, Chocolate Malt, ft. Tootsie Roll, Original, ft. M&M’s candies, Classic Krispy Bar, ft. Rice Krispies, Strawberry Limeade, ft. Nerds, and instead of Pink Sugar it was a mystery cookie.

I purchased every flavor except the mystery flavor and taste-tested them all to rank from my least favorite to favorite. This is my first experience with Crumbl so I was ready to dig in.

I decided to start by having a fresh palette, so the first cookie I tried was the Milk Chocolate Chip. The cookie had a wonderful texture with just the right amount of chocolate chips. However, it was very buttery. For me, the butter almost overpowered the cookie, unfortunately placing this cookie last on my list.

The next two cookies I tried were the Original, ft. M&M’s Candies and the Classic Krispy Bar, ft. Rice Krispies. Both cookies were delicious, but they didn’t stick out to me. This places the Original, ft. M&M’s Candies fifth and the Classic Krispy Bar ft. Rice Krispies fourth.

I then decided to try something that appeared a little different than to others; the Strawberry limeade, ft. Nerds. Honestly, this cookie looked delicious and I was pretty excited. It was a vanilla cookie with this yellow to pink ombre frosting and nerds on top.

When I took a bite I was immediately delighted with a sour but citrus tasting cookie. The flavor of the frosting lasted in your mouth, and the sour-ness was not controlling over the rest of the cookie flavor; having me put this cookie third on my list.

Next, I tried the Chocolate Malt, ft. Tootsie Roll. If I’m being honest, I had very low expectations. I don’t love Tootsie Rolls so this was definitely going to be an adventure.

I nervously took a bite of this chocolate covered cookie and was instantly delighted, with the light frosting just melting in my mouth. The physical cookie was still a little warm and gooey and the flavor was impeccable. While this cookie has so many positives, the only negative was how heavy the cookie was, therefore becoming second on my list.

The final cookie I tried was the Peanut Butter Crisp, ft. Butterfinger. I was genuinely so excited for this cookie, and it did not disappoint. This cookie had the perfect amount of peanut butter flavor, and not too much frosting. The frosting did a good job of not having a nutty flavor, but more of a semi-sweet flavor. This cookie was my overall favorite, ranking it first on my list.

Overall, this week’s cookie ranking is a solid 7 out of 10. So many delicious cookies and creative flavor ideas, with only a few flaws.