Opposing Viewpoints: Should the Day After Halloween be Designated a School Holiday?


Reese Hughes

Cash patiently waiting for Halloween.


The day after Halloween is always the worst for some people. Halloween affects every age group, from little kids having tummy aches from eating too much junk candy, to adults having a little too much fun the night before, or students tired from staying up too late watching scary movies.

So why do we need to go to school? Most teachers are too tired to even want to teach. I remember one year a teacher even complaining about how we have to come to school. There were about only 12 students in class at the time, and all day, students sat in class not taking in the information they were meant to receive, some even sleeping.

I know students should be responsible, but we all know they are going out to parties. Sure, it’s the kids’ fault for not going home and sleeping at a decent time, but we are teens and want to have some fun. I’m not saying that’s the only reason we should get the day off, but it would be really beneficial for everyone.

This holiday affects everyone, not just high-schoolers. Children ages 6-12 years old need at least 9 hours of sleep every night. By the time the kids are ready for bed, it’s 11:30 or later when they finish trick-or-treating. They still need to change out of their costumes, shower, and make sure everything is ready for school the next day, leaving only 7 hours of sleep or less.

I believe that if we were able to get the day after Halloween off, then come back ready to learn the following day it would be so much easier on everyone.


Halloween is a controversial holiday for many reasons. It’s the season of ghosts and skulls and all things creepy. Super fun, but there’s no significance beyond that. I mean, most teens just use it as an excuse to wear animal ears and go to a party. So no, we shouldn’t get a day off school for Halloween, because it’s not worth making up a school day just so kids can party and go trick or treating.

Nobody enjoys school, so let’s not have to make up a school day for an insignificant holiday. Halloween is basically the entire month of October, guys. Like, come on. Kids have four weekends of the month to celebrate. Therefore, we don’t need the day of Halloween off. No one even celebrates Halloween before 4 p.m. anyway. Kids and teens have the whole night to dress up and go get candy. I get it, everyone wants to sleep in the next morning, but in the real world we don’t get to skip work because we had too much fun the night before. Teachers don’t even get to do that.

Having school the day following Halloween will hopefully insure kids go to bed at a decent hour and stay safe. There’s less partying when you have to get up the next morning.

In conclusion, Halloween is not worth making up a day of school. It is a night to go get candy in your costume and get home by 9 p.m.