The Sting Welcomes New Administrators to AHS

Along with all the new teachers we have this year, we also have some new administrators. The Sting would like to welcome them to our school. We took some time to sit down with assistant principals Heather Wilson, Brandon Duncan and Logan Enis. They are thrilled to learn from their colleagues, lead students on a positive path and are looking forward to the adventures this school year will bring.

Former soccer coach and teacher from James Martin High School, assistant principal Ms. Wilson, proves it’s never too late to change different career paths if it isn’t suitable for you.

“I came into education on a different path, after graduating college, I went into Texas Wesleyan School of Law at night and substituting during the day,” Wilson said. “But, I realized substituting is where I found my passion for teaching and became certified in education. After subbing for a year, I taught in James Martin High School. In January, transferred into Saginaw, and this year in Azle.”

One of the difficulties Ms. Wilson said she faces is being a perfectionist and wanting everything to be right. Wilson learned growing from mistakes is completely okay.

“I’ve been in the education field for 13 years,” she said. “I’m looking forward to new adventures here at Azle and working well with everyone. My favorite part of being an assistant principal is talking to everyone in the hallways and building relationships with students including faculty.”

First-year assistant principal Mr. Duncan is enthusiastic about his future ahead, wanting to become a principal and lead students as a positive role model.

“I’m looking forward to my first year as an assistant principal and hoping to gain lots of experience,” Duncan said. “It’s interesting and gets you moving on your toes. I’m here for the students. With an open-door policy for anyone with a concern, I’m always open to hearing it. But my lack of experience as an AP is one of my difficulties. Not having exposure to some of the others is very challenging to navigate without that experience. Wondering what’s the best route for this situation or how to handle this situation that comes up.”

Every day feels like a day at Disney World with the number of steps Mr. Duncan is doing, constantly moving and going with challenging obstacles along the way.

“My goal is to eventually become a building principal or a position in curriculum over social studies for a district,” Duncan said. “I’ve gotten my Master’s degree in curriculum assessment instruction and administration in 2020. Before coming to Azle, I’d been a coach and teacher for 12 years to a bunch of small towns in East Texas but mostly taught in Granbury for those 9 years.”

Former middle school history teacher Logan Enis graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in political science and economics, including curricular instruction and education. Many students may remember him as an 8th grade history teacher at Azle Junior High. He said he is dedicated to the safety and welfare of all students.

“One of the ways of keeping the school safe and productive is being seen and diligent, Enis said. ”Identifying things we need to work on and improving on our points.”

The staff of the Azle Sting wishes these administrators a smooth and fun school year.