What’s After Senior Night?

Senior night is a night dedicated to each senior’s commitment and contribution to the high school football team, band, Cheer and Hornet Muscle, Dazzlers and more, and acknowledges their athletic and academic successes with the support of their family and friends. Senior night is usually scheduled for the final home game, match or meet of the season which for the football team, was this Friday.

Students are most commonly accompanied to walk onto the field by their parents.

“I would say most likely my parents,” senior Euphonium Section Leader Bailey Phillips said. “I would also say my brother because he is also in the band.”

Senior night is meant to be representative of the final year at high school before graduation. It helps remind students to start focusing on what the next step after school is.

“I’m looking forward to the future and seeing what career I end up with,” senior Dazzler Maddie Bryant said. “I am planning on majoring in business/marketing and going to Texas A&M.”

After high school, students will take different routes based on their choices and plans, but there will also be new opportunities that would not have been available during high school.

“I’m most excited about life outside of high school,” Philips said. “I can’t wait for all the experiences I’ll get to undergo.”

Having a perfect planned future is not what everyone has and it’s not necessary. Leaving things undecided is perfectly acceptable because students don’t have to have a perfect itinerary for life.

“I’m looking forward to graduating, but other than that I really don’t know,” senior Drum Major Adam Ruelas said. “I’m going to go to TCU. Well, I’m pretty sure I want to, and I’m wanting to become a pediatrician so I’ll probably go into pre-med.”

Senior year is a milestone for many and how the year is remembered is important.

“For my senior year, I am looking forward to making the best memories,” senior Dazzler Captain Daisy Collaz said. “Not to mention I will graduate with all of my friends.”