Renovations and Re-aligned Traffic Patterns: The current state of construction around campus


Luke Petersen

Ongoing construction outside the front of AHS

Construction has finally begun on the long-awaited cafeteria expansion, restroom renovation, new HVAC units and brand-new science labs. This has led to some temporary issues but will provide a number of improvements for the school in the long run.

Along with the construction blocking off parts of the front and back lawn of the school, it has caused an unexpected reduction in the number of lanes in the front of the school as they built the brand new science labs. This has caused the administration to implement a new traffic pattern for the front of campus.

“It’s been a problem just getting kids across the parking lot,” principal Nate Driver said. “The fencing has covered up a crosswalk, so now it’s a free-for-all. The construction has caused a lot of unexpected changes.”

The new additions will expand our campus’ capacity to accommodate 2,400 students, but until the completion of the project, students will have to deal with loud machines, a multitude of workers and new detours.

“The construction is very distracting,” English teacher Randi Coffey said. “The kids hear the machinery all the time. However, I do think the new additions will be good, as we definitely need more classrooms and science labs.”

The new expansion to the cafeteria in the back of the building will add new space for kitchens and lunch lines, while the current kitchens will be turned into seating for students.

“Putting all of our students back into one location for lunches will help us tremendously as a campus,” Driver said. “Right now we’ve got three different locations where students can eat lunch. It’s a lot to monitor and supervise.”

The district will begin restroom renovations in the spring/summer months. Assistant superintendent of finance and operations Matt Adams said the entire project is on track and should be completed by Spring 2024.

“There have been no changes to Proposition A,” Adams said. “The board and administration are dedicated to completing the projects that were proposed in the plan that voters approved.”

With all the new residents flowing into the metroplex, our school population has been growing whilst the main parts of the building have remained the same for about 50 years.

“I’m pretty excited for the new additions coming to campus.” sophomore Jayden Saez said. “We do have a lot of extra students coming in, and it’s good that we will have more space for everyone.”