The Culture Club is Here to Celebrate Everyone


Tera Bradshaw

Alexia Alonso at the Dia de Los Muertos Parade in Northside Fort Worth

A new club has been introduced in the High School. The culture club goes to culturally specific events like parades and festivals, they make arts and crafts like flowers for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and much more. They meet every Wednesday from 4:00 – 4:30

President of Culture Club, Senior Marisol Garcia talked to Spanish teacher Tera Bradshaw to create the new club for students to learn about foreign cultures and go to events that involve celebrating those cultures.

“There’s a lot of culture in this world and it deserves attention,” Garcia said.

The Culture Club does many different activities that can bounce from making flowers to going to cultural parades.

“The culture club basically, we either are discussing culture, discussing things we’re going to do to learn more about culture, what kind of traditions they do and just learn about all kinds of cultures,” Vice President and Sophomore Hailey Rodriguez said.

The club exists so students can find out about how other people live the culture club talks and educates others on other people’s cultures.

“We go to festivals, fests, like cultural ones and submerge ourselves in the culture,” Garcia said.

The Culture Club is aiming toward going to more festivities and learning about other cultures’ holidays.

“There’s something for everyone,” Garcia said. “You don’t have to have a lot of time. You could be a busy person and still be in Culture Club.”

Garcia, along with Rodriguez, plans the meetings which involve what they are going to do and talk about in those meetings. They also plan the events the club will go to and get supplies for that day.

“I really like the people who show up and are ready to learn about other cultures,” Rodriguez said. “It really makes me happy to see that people care and really want to know and learn about other cultures.”