Designing a Beautiful Future with Floral Design


Daytona Gravlin

Floral design arrangement.

Azle High School offers many CTE classes that allow students to be in touch with their creative side. AHS offers a CTE class for those who want to go into a career in floral design or those who are just interested in flowers.

“Floral design is a CTE course that we provide,” said Floral design teacher Courtney Weeks. “They learn the basics of how to be a florist and show their creative side and grasp new concepts.”

There is a regular and advanced floral design class for people who want to continue learning more.

“In regular floral design that’s where they learn the basic steps,” Weeks said. “Then in advanced, they are able to use the things that they learned in the previous year and expand their knowledge on it and get more hands-on experience with things like that.”

There are endless jobs that you can get with floral design. You can be a florist or gardener, a floral design teacher, or you could work at a plant nursery or landscaping company. You can also get certificates with floral design.

“The certificates would be your floral certification,” Weeks said. ”There’s level one and level two.”

Floral design can get you ready for jobs where you need to identify flowers, or if you need to know the structure of different plants. It is a necessary class if you are interested in going into a job related to plants.

“I want to go into range land management, so it helps with identifying plants and learning about structures of different flowers and plants,” junior Caydence Grnwalt said. “Even though I would be working with native plants, it still helps to give you background knowledge and I really find it interesting.”

Floral Design is a fun class that teaches you a lot about different flowers and plants, and how to make floral arrangements. Students who want to have a career in plant life should definitely take this class.