Improv club to hold auditions for 3 open slots Feb. 17


A second round of auditions to join the Improv Club will be Friday, Feb. 17 at 4:20 in the auditorium, and after that, they will happen every year in January. Improv is a performance that doesn’t have a script. It’s all off the top of the actor’s head.

“It’s a group of people who can take some of the stress out of the people’s everyday lives here,” Junior and Co-Captain Ben Derting said. “We do everything we do just for fun and laughs, and we try to make everything as silly as possible.”

These skills to come up with things on the spot can be used in everyday life, whether you’re having a normal conversation or need to get out of a bad situation.

“Even in everyday experiences whenever there’s a problem that arises if you have improv timing, you can steer yourself in the right direction,” theater teacher Bailey Brewer said. “If you’re quick-witted, a lot of people like that and want to be around you.”

Improv isn’t only used in improv shows, it’s used in normal theatre shows when people forget their lines and go off script.

“It’s given me more ability to act in normal shows and given me more confidence to perform in front of people,” junior Kale McKinney said. “Not every show has to be serious and have more abilities to act and act on your own.”

There are rules to Improv that help make the show a more fun and interactive experience.

“You can’t shut down a scene if someone says, ‘I’m a pineapple.’ You can’t say, ‘No you’re not,’ because that’s not funny,” Brewer said. “‘Yes, and’ is like the magic thing, and also don’t yell, yelling isn’t funny.”

If you are interested in trying out, be in the auditorium on the 17th at 4:20.

“Anyone can show up and anyone can try out for the shows as well.” Ben said, “We want to expand our troop, we have three open spots.”