The Scheduling Sector

What I’m Planning on Taking Next Year


Lisa Helm

Outdoor Adventure students holding a banner

The scheduling process is done entirely online, and it will be open until the last day of school.
With the school coming to a close and seniors leaving while freshmen will be coming in, it’s time for new classes to be assigned.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to take, and after an entire year of thinking I’ve found what my classes should be.

The one I’m hoping for the most is Outdoor Adventures because not only will it provide good exercise, but it can also teach me about the wilderness. It provides a bunch of skills for if you get lost and need to survive in the wilderness. It also provides good exercise as well as a good opportunity to meet people.

There is a class that can help me reach one of the careers that I plan on pursuing after high school which is voice acting. It’s Choir. It should help to improve my vocal range and it could help my social anxiety. My hope is that the class will not only help me talk to people but also help with my singing voice. This is a good way for me to get rid of my insecurities with people in general.

Theater will definitely push me toward voice acting, and it will improve my memory from being horrible to decent by memorizing lines and performing in front of an audience. My acting skills would get better, so would my communication skills. This will make me face my social anxiety and face my fear of speaking in front of a crowd.