There are New Courses on the Menu for the 2023-24 School Year


Arianna Pardue

Sophomore Luke Peterson looking at the new courses being offered next year.

The current school year is far from over, but course scheduling began a few weeks ago. As of this writing, juniors have already scheduled their classes for next year and counselors are currently working with sophomores, with 8th graders and freshmen to be scheduled in the coming weeks.

“We are now using Auto Tech as a technology credit as well as tech theatre, robotics II, and industrial refrigeration,” counselors Nicole Murray and Amanda Terrell said. “Also, we have eliminated several prerequisites that our technology credits needed in the past.”

Many new courses will be offered to students next year. The only new course offered for incoming freshmen is art appreciation. Sophomores are offered social media marketing, sports and entertainment marketing, theatre production, the Vietnam War Era and oral interpretation 2, among other courses.

“We are now offering OnRamps economics for a fee of only $50. We will also be offering AP pre-calculus,” Murray and Terrell said. “Art appreciation is a new class being offered for a fine art credit.”

New courses for juniors will be fundamentals of real estate, entrepreneurship 2, forensic psychology, introduction to C# computer programming, AP art history and AP pre-calculus. The only new courses for upcoming seniors will be AVID tutors, OnRamps economics, economics and personal and financial literacy and band PALS.

New to the CTE umbrella is fundamentals of real estate which will cover various topics from the ethics of a salesperson to titles and conveyance of real estate. One student is very eager to real estate to get the benefits the class offers.

“Everyone tells me I am really good talking with people,” junior Adrian Villata said. “I thought real estate and I thought it would take it to the next level. You get to meet more people, and network and you can do real estate in any country.”

The real estate course will also fulfill at least 30 of the 60 hours of required instruction for a salesperson’s license. If it makes next year, there will be more classes related to real estate to come in the future.

“Outside of high school, it takes quite a lot of money to get started up because you have to pay for the test and the certificate and the courses,” Villata said. “They cover [the cost for certificates and courses] because you are supposed to start it junior year, but I am starting senior year. But it’s better because they will pay for the majority of the stuff and it will take the money off my hands.”

More information can be found in the course description and planning handbook for the 2023-2024 school year. If you have further questions or want to add any of these new courses to your schedule, contact your counselor. They will be happy to help.