Was Outer Banks Mid?

A Review


Carol M Highsmith


The long-awaited season 3 of Outer Banks came out on Feb. 23. After 10 torturous episodes, I completed the series. How do I feel? Disappointed at the least. Outer Banks has been my favorite series since its debut in 2020. When season 2 came out, I pulled an all-nighter to finish it immediately. But something about season 3 didn’t keep me holding onto my love for the show.

First of all, (spoiler alert), John B’s dad was such a bummer. We were expecting the reuniting of a father and his son to be rejoiceful and happy. We wanted to meet THE BIG JOHN everyone had raved about in seasons 1 and 2. And he turned out to be quite a scum bag for a little. However, he did redeem himself at the end when he was proud of John B, but it seemed he cared more about El Dorado than the life and happiness of his son, and if you ask me, he would 100% have sacrificed John B for any amount of money.

Second of all, Sarah cheating on John B was not necessarily something you could’ve prepared an audience for. Sarah and John B’s romance is everyone’s main purpose for watching the show. It is the only thing carrying it. And I certainly was not prepared or happy. It was such an odd piece for them to throw in there, and it was not talked about nearly enough. And the fact that she cheated with Topper who we were groomed to hate from Season 1 just blows my mind. The love story we have been following for 3 years just combusts and then is ignored? Not a fan.

However, Outer Banks did manage to give us the other love scenarios we had been waiting for, such as Kie and JJ, and Clio and Pope. Rafe ended up becoming a really big piece in the show which was great and Ward Cameron gets what he deserves. But generally speaking, season 3 of OBX did not live up to my expectations.