Cadbury’s Newest Edition: a One-Eyed Rescue Feline


Courtesy of Terry Grant

Photo of Sirius, the dog, posing as a bunny.

Who is this year’s Cadbury Bunny winner? It’s none other than Crash, a one-eyed rescue feline, who unfortunately broke his leg and jaw in a car accident. Seeking rescue pets for tryouts, on March 31, Cadbury announced their first feline holding the role as the 5th Annual Bunny Tryouts Rescue Pet Edition.

The overwhelmingly cute overload 8-year-old cat from Boise, Idaho has a life full of surprises. Previously in a severe car accident, Crash has a quirky and paw-some personality, spending his days learning tricks like high-fives. Not only is Crash being awarded as Cadbury’s official “spokes bunny” for the year, but he will also be rewarded handsomely with $5,000 and another $5,000 to Simply Cats, an animal shelter located in Idaho, where Crash himself was admitted for his injuries.

The Rescue Pets Edition is a great way for viewers to see adoption differently, Crash reminds watchers every feline is worth saving. Every cute critter should be loved endlessly, every animal has a different past but deserves to have an everlasting soulmate.

Debuting in 1994, the iconic and first-ever nationwide Cadbury Bunny commercial aired, featuring a white bunny clucking similar to a chicken and saying “No bunny knows Easter better than Cadbury!” The tradition continued through the next 30 years, with thousands and thousands of contestants competing for the title. Crash follows the paws of the former winners of Annie Rose, an English Doodle therapy dog who visited nursing homes during COVID-19, and Betty, an Australian White’s Treefrog, making history as the smallest “bunny” and the first female amphibian bunny.

Giving the option for viewers to vote through March 13 on the Cadbury website, Crash won the heart of the judges on March 21. The official announcement for the furry winner can be found in any streaming app or on the Cadbury website.