Why Touring Colleges is Important


Peytie Chambers

Baylor Law School

As the school year comes to a close, juniors are recommended to begin thinking about selecting colleges for after high school. It is common for students by the beginning of their senior year to usually have at least a general idea of what and where they are planning to study. Though it is never required to have these kinds of decisions finalized at the beginning of the year.

College can be a big step forward for many, and it can often be overwhelming when making such a huge decision. When I toured multiple colleges, these tours were good indicators in deciding what colleges fit my needs and furthering my knowledge about the specific college campus.

All colleges aim to catch the attention of potential students through promoting the campus’s perks, opportunities, dining discounts, and academic programs which this type of information is provided by tours. For example, when I went to tour A&M, they not only offered a campus tour but also dormitory tours and to know more about their housing accommodations.

Scheduling a tour through a college’s website is the most beneficial way to obtain details as some colleges offer campus, dorm, and athletic tours in order to get a deeper understanding of the campus’s traditions, safety measures, and campus life. Additionally, walking tours can also help gain a better feeling of the layout of the campus.

This kind of information is an extremely helpful way for any student wanting to learn more about a specific campus. In addition, all tours associated with the college will provide a tour guide who either is currently attending or has attended the campus in order to answer any questions that a student, parent or guardian might have. When I toured the campus of Baylor, I was able to personally ask the tour guide about their business school in addition to them telling me about other majors that would feed into the business area well.

College tours are an excellent way for students to determine which colleges are best suited for their needs by providing a deeper connection and understanding of the campus that simply looking at a college website would not be able to provide.