Confederate Flags: Where Do Students Stand?


Lyla Lucia

Confederate Flag on a Truck

At the beginning of this school year, there was a rule noticeably absent from the student code of conduct: the one banning wearing and displaying Confederate flags. With the rule gone, students share their opinions on whether or not they think these flags should be flown.

Sophomore Logan Leach, for example, was one of many students who said that it is inconsiderate to fly the Confederate flag.

“Personally, I think people can do whatever they want,” Leach said. “However, flying it can be highly insensitive to people that could’ve been affected by the Confederates, slavery, or racism in general.”

Another student, sophomore Madeline Tidbeaux, said that she believes the flag represents racism.

“I think that the flag glorifies slavery and I don’t think it’s a very nice thing to be flying around,” Tidbeaux said. “It’s usually what people used to raise up whenever they wanted to say that they were racist.”

One student who wished to remain anonymous said that the flag is only relevant because it is associated with slavery.

“People who fly Confederate flags will tell you that it’s because of Southern heritage but, if it wasn’t associated with slavery, it would be historically irrelevant by now,” the student said. “The only reason these people still fly them is because they know it’s provocative and they enjoy upsetting people.”

While there are many students around campus who believe that it is problematic to fly the Confederate flag, there are also many students who believe that there are no issues affiliated with it.

Senior Hayden Jones is one example of these students, who said that it doesn’t stand for anything racist.

“I don’t really have an opinion on the flag,” Jones said. “I don’t think it stands for anything racist and just stands for the land that [the Confederates] were fighting for.”

Another student, sophomore Lucas Grow, said that he also believes there is no racism involved with the flag.

“I don’t consider the flag to be racist,” Grow said. “I’d consider it to be more of a Southern pride type of thing.”

Although most students believe that flying the flag is either right or wrong, there are also numerous students whose opinions of it stay neutral.

One student, junior Morgan Mask, said that he believes that this flag is simply part of our history.

“I don’t have a problem with the flag, myself,” Mask said. “I feel like it is a part of our history and I don’t care if people fly it, but, if people don’t like it, I don’t think they have the right to tell people to take it down.”

Overall, students tend to have varying opinions about the ethics of Confederate flags. While some view the flag as a symbol of historical racism and slavery, others see it as a way to share their patriotism and appreciation for their country. With this being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions and ways of thinking.