The Sting Recognizes: Ms. Martinez


Kilee Miller

Director Crystal Martinez and junior Daytona Gravlin at homecoming game!

Teacher appreciation week is such an important time to notice the amazing mentors. Crystal Martinez has been such an inspiration and leader to me and all of her students. She graduated from Azle High School in 2014 and earned her associate’s degree at Weatherford College. She was involved with the color guard during those years and was inspired to become director of the Emerald Dazzlers. This is her first year coaching and it has been such an amazing experience to have her here.

When I first met her, she was very caring and motivational. She would give pep talks during practices and right before performances, take the time to help the team with anything we needed, and as time went on, she became our biggest supporter. As football season passed and we rolled into competition, I became very close with her. She would give critiques on what I could improve on and pushed me to excel.

She also teaches PE dance here and at the middle schools. Last year, she helped out with the band and color guard’s performance of “The Road Not Taken.” I love how she goes above and beyond helping people around her. She is passionate and creative about the things that she loves, such as a dance studio she is involved with called “TranScend Motion.” The Dazzlers went to go see her perform and we could see how talented and skilled of a dancer she is. We are so proud of our director.

Ms. Martinez came into my life at the right time. She has helped me through dance, personally and professionally. Whenever someone asks me who I look up to or who inspires me every day, I think of her. Her kindness, thoughtfulness, constructive criticism, compliments, her laugh, positivity and personality, all of it just makes me want to be a better person. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to my golden girl, Crystal Martinez!