The Sting Recognizes: Ms. Brewer

Azle High School has a bunch of really amazing teachers. Teachers who always go above and beyond for their students. One really great teacher is Bailey Brewer, the theatre teacher here at AHS.

Ms. Brewer received her Bachelor’s from Tarleton and started working as a theatre teacher here about 2 years ago, and ever since she has been a teacher that students can look up to and feel comfortable around. Ms. Brewer is a very nice and accepting teacher to all her students. Even people who are not in her class, she welcomes in with a big smile.

My favorite memory with Ms. Brewer is during my freshman year, I would go down to her classroom every day. I didn’t even have her as a teacher that year, but she was always so nice, and she even let me participate in activities that they did as a class.

She always makes sure to listen to her students when they need to talk to someone. Ms. Brewer is personable and really listens and tries to understand her students when they need someone to talk to.

All of these things make Ms. Brewer an amazing teacher who can reach her student on a personal level and that aspect is a great quality to have.