The Sting Recognizes: Mr. Cooke


Photo by Hanna Goodrich

Mr. Cooke standing outside his room during 2nd period

Luke Petersen, Staff Writer

You may know Mr. Cooke for his phrases like “awko-taco” and “don’t fall in” when you leave class for the restroom. Or maybe you know him from his failed attempt at beating Mr. Corbett for throwback homecoming king. Either way, those who know Mr. Cooke know he brings life to our campus like no other.

Mr. Cooke has some of the best school spirit out of anyone on campus. He is the sponsor for student council, and he really works to encourage dress-up days and pushes homecoming to be the best it can be. He works with the student body officers to run blood drives and shows support for the community here on campus.

In addition to helping with school spirit, Cooke is also the Honors Algebra 2 teacher. He helps students with his witty personality and creates a fun learning environment within his room. Everyone should strive to have as much spirit as Mr. Cooke.